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Custody And Safekeeping

SERVICES / Custody & Safekeeping

One Plus Capital takes several measures in order to ensure the maximum protection of the financial instruments and funds that the Company safeguards on behalf of its clients. One Plus Capital deposits the funds of its clients into special bank accounts in authorized and reliable credit institutions under the name “clients’ account” and takes all necessary steps to protect the client’s proprietary rights. The Company proceeds to the liquidation of a client’s financial instruments following an explicit order and/or consent of the client, unless provided otherwise in a relevant agreement. Moreover, in order to safeguard the clients’ rights in regard to their financial instruments and assets, One Plus Capital takes, inter alia, the following steps:

(a)  Keeps all the necessary records and accounts in order to be in the position, at any given time and with no delay, to distinguish the assets that are kept on behalf of the client from those that are kept on behalf of any other client as well as from the Company’s assets.

(b)  Keeps its records and accounts in a way that ensures that they are true and accurate and that they correspond to the financial instruments that are kept on behalf of the clients.

(c)  Applies all necessary organizational measures in order to minimize the risk of loss or reduction of the client’s assets or rights in regard to these assets, because of asset misappropriation, fraud or negligence.

Apart from the proper and accurate safekeeping of securities and funds, One Plus Capital offers a comprehensive range of custody services covering all major investment instruments in the local and international markets. Such services include:

  • Ensuring smooth and accurate settlement of trades

  • Timely and accurate information on Corporate Actions notifying clients as soon as the information becomes available from the Issuer

  • Dividend and Income collection

  • Proxy Voting on behalf of our clients

  • Detailed and Transparent Reporting 

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